Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #116

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #116

…I am going to give those people a “welcome home” they will never forget…

News of the day

Those words, among other accounts, pass by the desk of the President of the United States. These are his people, the people of Herbert Love’s world and he could not be more proud. So moved is he that he breaks from his long-held tradition and leaves his handicapped Ida in the care of Major Walter Reed. The imitable and nearly invisible V.P. Garret Hobart (a lame duck by most accounts) is entrusted with Washington D.C.

I am going to give those people a “welcome home” they will never forget.”

Time to Remember-001And so he does, while rushing off to the state capitol of Florida, with most of the Washington press corps tagging along. “The gratitude of this nation will not be a mime’s cheer.” William McKinley is not just a decent man. He is forward looking in his direction, yet he seldom ignores the needs and the desires of the few. This is an important quality for a country that is expanding nearly as fast as its rapidly improving sectors of communication and travel.

In less than two months there will be a presidential election of 1900, so this trip to Florida may do wonders for McKinley’s patchy Southern support. Herb Love does not have a widely public personae, so his best friend cannot garner him support, only Love’s little slice of the Panhandle and not much more below the Mason-Dixon Line.

But this September of disaster and the related stories of heroism and triumph over adversity, may well translate into popular votes in November.

Speaking of popular, the Republican nominating committee and attending convention had decided that the office of vice-president needed upgrading. They choose Spanish-American War hero and current governor of New York state Theodore Roosevelt, to replace the ignoble Hobart, who was merely a crony of first term financier, Marcus Hanna. So it’s out with old and in with that “damned cowboy”. In political circles, that is a term of endearment.

Enough of back-door politics though.

There has not been a preponderance of “full dinner pails” in the South since the Civil War, though steady progress can be seen.  But in the wake of the hurricane, whose fury should have been given a name that progress has been set back.

As it turns out, it is not too late to cash in on the workings of the Love complement, as reported by Harv Pearson and spread nationwide by everyone’s source for news: large sheets of thin paper with black ink printing on it; singular to each city, bound by unwritten rules of fairness and confidentiality. Because of the efforts of hurricane heroes and revealing reporters, the sitting President should receive a beaucoup bump in popularity. Luck and timing is a politician’s greatest ally.

Alpha Omega M.D.


Episode #116

page 107

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North Korean Fun Facts – WIF Politics

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WIF Politics-001

Fun Facts About North Korea

10. North Korean Calendar


The smallest of things can be the most telling examples of a regime that is far removed from simple governance. While most calendars are based on the Gregorian calendar reform, North Korea’s calendar is based on, wait for it, the birth of its leader Kim Il-sung. As a result, the year in North Korea is 104. Its adoption of the Juche era calendar means that years before 1912 (the year of Kim il-Sung’s birth) are used with the Gregorian calendar dates while years past that date have the North Korean Juche Calendar accompaniment.

For example, 2015 would be Juche 104, 2015″ or “Juche 104 (2015).” And because the calendar is based on the birth of Kim Il-sung, the date of his death – July 8 is not allowed to be celebrated as a birthday. The same goes for December 17, the day Kim Jong-il died.

9. Kim Jong-il’s a Film Buff


It’s one thing to love movies, it’s another thing to use your power to further a psychotic film producing agenda. Kim Jong-il was reported to be an obsessive film buff with a collection of 20,000 plus video tapes. He even produced a patriotic 100-part documentary series on the history of the North Korean homeland while somehow writing a book titled: “On the Art of Cinema.” It is unknown what type of qualification he had to author such a book.

What truly makes his film obsession frighteningly funny was hisdecision to kidnap Shin Sang-ok, the South Korean film director, and his actress wife, Choi Eun-hee (that’s them, pictured above), in 1978 in order to build up North Korea’s film industry. During their time in North Korea, they made seven films before escaping to the West in 1986.

8. The Photoshop


In the international arena, the demonstration of power and strength is shown in many ways. The most obvious is through war or military attack, while other ways include the power of diplomacy to pass international agreements or laws. North Korea had a different idea of demonstrating power. In 2015, Kim Jung-un hailed the recent test of a submarine-launched missile. However, experts have proven that the images are Photoshopped.

This wasn’t the first time North Korea attempted to intimidate the world only to have images proven to be also Photosphopped. In its recent history, North Korean state media released images of hovercrafts coming to the shores. However, the vehicles were shown to be digital mirrors of each other. Other instances of it being used include images where Kim Jong-il stands next to other military generals; he is always made to look at their height despite his obvious smaller stature.

7. Fake City


In Seth Rogen’s film The Interview, they introduce a grocery store that is in the middle of town. It seems to be full of food and attempts to represent a healthy city life, but it turns out to be faux. In reality, a mere grocery store is underselling it. Kim Jong-il sponsored the creation of a whole city at the border of North and South Korea to promote immigration by the South Koreans.

Not only did the supreme leader lead the construction of a fake city, but North Korea was also graced with the world’s largest building/hotel – a 105 story pyramid called the Pyongyang. Unfortunately, the structure remained unused and stands empty.

6. Unicorn Sighting


Probably the most unusual fact on our list is the reported unicorn sighting in North Korea. In 2012, North Korean scientists revealed to the world that unicorns are in fact real. The Korean Central News Agency, the government’s propaganda mouthpiece, said scientists “reconfirmed” the location of the burial site of the unicorn ridden by King Dongmyeong, the founding father of the ancient Korean kingdom of Goguryeo (37 BC-668 AD).

According to the broadcast, the unicorn’s grave was rediscovered near a temple in the capital Pyongyang, with a rectangular rock engraved with the words ‘Unicorn Lair’ at its entrance. Further evidence for the unicorn’s discovery were not revealed. We can’t possibly imagine what the reason for that could be.

5. World Cup


With the country’s great economic difficulties, many North Koreans have fled the country: nearly 23,000 people in the last sixty years. It is illegal to leave the country without the regime’s permission, and yet for the World Cup, a legion of fans from North Korea attended the team’s game. Or did they?

Reports have revealed that the fans cheering for the North Korean soccer team were actually paid Chinese actors. The actors were “handpicked” by the North Korean regime to seemingly best represent the fandom of their country. Sadly, the final of World Cup was not even televised live for the country’s population. They were forced to watch it on a 24 hour delay.

4. Rules and Regulations


While the lack of freedoms and the state of oppression of the North Korean people is by no means humorous, the randomness of the rules and regulations has to be considered at least a little damn funny. One of the most eyebrow raising regulations is the inability for North Koreans to wears jeans. Reports state that denim is a crime as it symbolizes the enemy the United States of America. Another extremely trivial matter that is also law is the type of haircut one can receive in the country.

Men are encouraged to look like their supreme leader and overall only 28 hairstyles are allowed in the country in total. According to a Time magazine report, married women are instructed to keep their tresses short, while the single ladies are allowed let loose with longer, curlier locks. Such control of its citizenry’s daily life shows how systemic the problems are in the country.

3. NADA: The “Space Agency”


Although the United States is considered the mortal enemy of North Korea, the nation’s creation of a space program had a striking resemblance to its American counterpart’s logo. The one problem? Its acronym was a little off, or fitting based on the program’s achievements. Although “nada” is Spanish, specifically, for nothing, it’s almost universally used in the Western world in general to mean nothing. That’s exactly what the North Korean Space agency has accomplished: nada.

According to the North Korean Central News Agency, the establishment of the space program begins the fulfillment of Kim Il-sung’s and Kim Jong-il’s Korea as a space power. With a name like NADA, we’re sure they’ll be able to explore all the nothings of the universe.

2. Threats Sent Using Fax Machine


With a government structure that limits freedom to such degree, it is no surprise that the country is backward economically. The North Korean economy is reeling as a result of UN sanctions and a series of natural disasters, according to data published by South Korea’s central bank. In 2010, Kim Jong-il promised his citizens that the economy would grow but reports showed that the North Korean economy contracted. For the first time in decades, North Korea grew nearly enough to feed itself in 2015.

With its lack of growth and exclusion from world, North Korea appears to be just fine using means of communication that are outdated. While the threatening of another nation is by no means funny, the use of such an archaic medium to threaten war on an advanced nation like South Korea certainly is. The faxes were sent to the South Korean defense ministry after demonstrations in South Korea against three generations of the North Korean dictatorship.

1. Necrocracy


The most fascinating fact on our list is that North Korea is the only country in the world that is a Necrocracy – a government that still operates under the rules of a former, dead ruler. Leave it to North Korea to do what is not done anywhere around the world. All our other facts make reference to this form of government: the calendar revolving around their leader’s birth date, the inability for citizens to celebrate their own birthdays if they happen to land on the day of his death, and the confirmation of a unicorn’s origin in the country.

The cult-like environment is meant to hypnotize the citizenry in a sort of folklore rather than live in the reality of poverty and oppression. Sadly, the current structure is poised to continue on with Kim Jung-un as the country’s supreme leader. Hopefully our list will point out the ridiculousness of the country’s policies and its treatment of its people.

North Korean Fun Facts

“I enjoyed the movie” – Gwenny

– WIF Politics

Martin Luther King Jr. – His Early Life

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Martin Luther King Jr. – Early Life

Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia, to ReverendMartin Luther King, Sr. and Alberta Williams King. His legal name at birth was “Michael King”. King’s father was also born Michael King. The father “changed” both names on his own during a 1934 trip to Nazi Germany to attend the Fifth Baptist World Alliance Congressin Berlin. It was during this time he chose to be called Martin Luther King in honor of the great German reformer Martin Luther.

Martin, Jr., was a middle child, between an older sister, Willie Christine King, and a younger brother, Alfred Daniel Williams King. King sang with his church choir at the 1939 Atlanta premiere of the movie Gone with the Wind.

King was originally skeptical of many of Christianity’s claims. At the age of thirteen, he denied the bodily resurrection of Jesus during Sunday school. From this point, he stated, “doubts began to spring forth unrelentingly”. However, he later concluded that the Bible has “many profound truths which one cannot escape” and decided to enter the seminary.

Growing up in Atlanta, King attended Booker T. Washington High School. A precocious student, he skipped both the ninth and the twelfth grades and entered Morehouse College at age fifteen without formally graduating from high school. In 1948, he graduated from Morehouse with a B.A. degree in sociology, and enrolled in Crozer Theological Seminary inChester, Pennsylvania, from which he graduated with a B.Div. degree in 1951. King married Coretta Scott, on June 18, 1953, on the lawn of her parents’ house in her hometown ofHeiberger, Alabama. They became the parents of four children: Yolanda KingMartin Luther King IIIDexter Scott King, and Bernice King. During their marriage, King limited Coretta’s role in the civil rights movement, and expected her to be a housewife.

King became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, when he was twenty-five years old, in 1954. King then began doctoral studies in systematic theology at Boston University and received his Ph.D. degree on June 5, 1955, with adissertation on “A Comparison of the Conceptions of God in the Thinking of Paul Tillich and Henry Nelson Wieman“. An academic inquiry concluded in October 1991 that portions of his dissertation had been plagiarized and he had acted improperly, but that his dissertation still “makes an intelligent contribution to scholarship”; the committee recommended that his degree not be revoked.

Martin Luther King Jr.

– Early Life

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #104

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #104

…Disaster is about pulling together…

By James B. Janknegt

The nation’s capitol is one place where news always travels the fastest. Calvin Falstaff, the Weather Bureau chief, has precious little good news for his boss. Herbert Love receives it in the office of his new friend, President McKinley.

“The strongest hurricane ever known to to make land in North America has hit the Gulf Coast, starting about midway on the Florida Panhandle. It skirted the shoreline, strengthening as it continued west, bore diving into Texas at Galveston.” Falstaff delivers his unwelcome information with grave undertones. Houston is his hometown. “Louisiana was hit pretty hard to boot.”

“What is the worst case assessment? The President inquires as to the possible bottom line.

Worst Case-001

“There may be ten thousand casualties and three times that injured. The entire city may be homeless and to insult to injury, the bridge connecting Galveston to the mainland has been put-out. I have been told it looks like Antietam.” There are plenty fresh memories about the Civil War.

“Damn! Were we not sure that after the low has passed over the Florida Peninsula that it would simply die out.” This a close to swearing as anyone will ever hear out Herb Love’s mouth, such is the magnitude of a situation where thousands of peoples’ lives are at stake… and they, as a department, provided no warning.

“That afternoon sun of the 7th evaporated probably 10 million tons of moisture and a fast approaching cold front set the stage for a hellish one-two punch,” a scientific postmortem.

Love reacts with the emotion of a private citizen. “I’m heading for home, Bill.”

Disaster is about pulling together.

“Hitch a ride on the relief train,” speaking of an army organized venture and they do not waste time, but you best hurry, it leaves Union Station on the hour.” McKinley gives his blessing to a critical mission of mercy.

“I am on the way……..oh and have my assistant wire my wife about the arrival time. Telephone lines must be down.”

“Give the people of the South a message from me. Tell them that Washington will be behind them all the way.” The man who is campaigning for re-election with a theme of “four more years of a full dinner pail” is currently concerned about the loss of a major Southern seaport, but his heart is always with the people.

Alpha Omega M.D.

“Galveston Before the Storm” by Rene Wiley

Episode #104

page 95

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Complete Listing of Episodes

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #103

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #103

…John Ferrell’s  next visit uncovers three adults, one toddler and one Campbell, still in the company of potatoes, carrots and glass jars filled with a homemade assortment of preserves…


I am going to check on Siegfried and Frieda, and finally ride on into town.” His plan is sound, the only way they will know what happened.

     “Do not forget Laura and the baby. Ask if they need anything from the store.”

          John is taken aback by his wife’s reference to Laura Bell’s child. He did not think she knew and now wonders what else she knows. There are more pressing matters, but it kind makes him say, “Hmm…..”

Joseph had indeed stood fast with the livestock, saddling John’s jumpy mount in double time.



“Do your best to restore some order here, Joseph. I have a feeling we can number ourselves among the fortunate. And make sure you keep an eye out for looters. If a state of confusion reigns, those who think they are above the law may take advantage. You know where I keep the rifle. Make sure you clean it, using it only as a last resort. But we must protect what is ours.” There is a hint of anxiety in his voice, fearful what he may find in Tallahassee proper.

In the meantime, his visit next uncovers three adults, one toddler and one Campbell, still in the company of potatoes, carrots and glass jars filled with a homemade assortment of preserves. The cool damp shelter is meant to be a change from the tropical climate above, like the icebox above them in the kitchen. It makes for good sleeping weather, which they are, all snug in their blankets and in the absence of light, obviously oblivious to the new day.

Terrible Texas Storm“Ziggy?” John whispers gently at the slumbering doctor. “Ziggy………don’t get up. The storm has passed, nothing serious to worry about, just downed trees and lots of rain.”

San Luis Lake has swelled up to the boards of the docks, whose boats have been deposited on this north shore. The waters of the lake are awash in grasses, leaves and branches.

“Vere did za storm come ashore?” Ziggy asks the critical question about any hurricane making landfall. And it was not just a tropical storm.

“I cannot be absolutely sure, but from where we are sitting, it looks like to the west, I guess I will find out, going in the town presently. Our telephone is on the blink.” It is amazing how easily a society can be spoiled. They have had the Bell invention for less than a year, yet it has become a sixth and seventh sense. “If you would, check on my girls…………at the estate of course. I should be back late afternoon, can I get you anything?”

“Have you any veal? I am getting sick of rabbit stew.”

“Too much of a good thing my friend? I’ll see what we have in the cooler, if we have a cooler that is.”

          Disaster is about pulling together.

Alpha Omega M.D.

“After the Storm” by Tom Thomson

Episode #103

page 94

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Complete Listing of Episodes

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #102

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #102

Chapter Six


…“The line is dead,” John laments, in a vain attempt to retrieve some news as to the extent of the storm now passed/past…


Torrential rain, straight-line winds, hurtling debris;  Gadsden County  endures ten hours of the worst conditions that this planet can produce, a force so strong that thirty miles of continent cannot subdue it. The “storm of the century” arrives in the last months of the 19th Century’s last year.

John and Martha Ferrell did spend the night huddled in a closet, with Agnes, listening as one by one, south and east side windows blow in, sometimes with a projectile, sometimes by the sheer force of the sustained wind. Their house of stone stands sturdy. Neither they nor it know what has hit them. Daylight will reveal more than they want to see.

One thing they do see, trees previously having hidden it from sight, is the Endlichoffer chalet. They were no doubt brave, but now lay horizontal for their trouble. As a testament to Ziggy’s carpentry skills, his wooden structure passes the earnest test. One can only assume that the morning finds the occupants fine as well.

What the eye can see, the mind can only imagine. The two fastest vehicles for communication, the telegraph and the more recent invention telephone, depend on wires suspended on poles. It is unlikely that those poles are standing, as those with a telephone find out.

“The line is dead,” John laments, in a vain attempt to retrieve some news as to the extent of the storm now passed/past. He was hoping that his friend at the Tallahassee Democrat, the area newspaper, could shed some light on this apparent disaster. Did the damage extend east to Tallahassee proper, or did in fact strike to the west, perhaps threatening the lives of his son and daughter-daughter-in-law, perhaps on their way back from New Orleans.

And to think this was a glancing blow.

“I am going to check on Joseph. He probably stayed in the barn to keep the animals calm. Then I am going to check on Siegfried and Frieda, and finally ride on into town.” His plan is sound, the only way they will know what happened.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #102

page 93

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Complete Listing of Episodes

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Christmas All-Time All-Stars – WIF Holidays

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Christmas All-time