The Elephant in the Room

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The Elephant in the Room

There is a parasite attacking our language at a major blind spot.

I have seen my BFF (oops I did it again) fall prey to it. Like everyone else, she is in a hurry. I cut her some slack, because she has the root skills learned from 5 decades of literacy; redemption by default.

I have a Facebook friend (ignore the Mohawk haircut) who posts sentences that I need an interpreter for. I will not re-post an example here and now, but I will when I spot a doozy.

Kory, I’ll call him, apologized to me the other day. I have a 27″ analog dinosaur televising device that he wants and needs. During our FB communications, I told him “You are infecting me”, a loving commentary on his social media writing style. He went on to post something which did not require a Facebook to English Dictionary, but the U’s and 4’s did not go away.

I started this blog to become a Grammar Nazi, if not the spearhead on the tip of  a new and growing movement. Reading is FUNdamental sprang up in the mid-60’s. Writing is Fun-damental starts right here, right now.

We have a generation that is peering over the edge of the cliff. They can see the canyon floor, but I don’t want them to jump.


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