Attention spans

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Attention Span

Sure I check my email frequently. Retailers dangle the latest bargains (hurry, 2 days only), AOL post the newest news from around the world (Romney is gaining ground), The WRITER’S MARKET tells me how to be a better writer (Is that a hint?), e-bills remind me about my obligations (you have a new bill from ComEd), I can do my banking from my fantastic home office chair and occasionally one of my friends rattles my cage. Oh and I cannot leave out my weather page,; it tells me how to dress and if I need my umbrella.

 Facebook & Linkedin & Aboutme & Classmates & Pinterest, etc…….. have captured my attention. I happen to favour “Writing is Fun-damental”.

 But when I hit the road, my desktop computer stays behind and I rarely drag my laptop with me. For however long, I am separated from the cyber world. Today I am helping a friend with a few things (friends do that) and after a few hours, my “stuff”  will still be there when I return to lovely, leafy Richton Park.

This describes my world and how I stay connected. And though I am being  prompted to expand my social networking exposure, I survive the dark hours quite well.

I suppose that means my attention span is adequate. Tomorrow, I will address the polar opposite; the world of the smartphone (don’t miss my latest post).


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