Put words in my mouth

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Put words in my mouth



That phrase may be an anthem of the future, after years of poor spelling and flagging vocabularies.

It is one thing to learn spelling in school, quite another to take that out into the world, after high school and beyond.

Directly tied to spelling is the verbal arsenal called vocabulary. If you do not use it, you sooner or later  may lose it. Just like my 4 years of French, when you fail to write it or speak it, it takes residence in that corner of your brain where cob webs hang and dementia is only decades away.

Swell (Tres Bien)! Now I have to replace great words with: totally, fab, you know, rad ;and every manner of symbol or abbreviation: lol, :-O , lmao, ;-( , btw, 🙂 , ttyl.

Chew on this: Transcriptional Linguistics.

Contrary to popular opinion, ILY guys.


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