A letter to Gwen from 2012

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Letter to Gwen from 2012

This humble author will resume her letter writing column in the coming week, but for today, I will read you a letter I received from the not-too-distant present.

Dear Gwen;

It has come to our attention, from various sources, that you are more than slightly out of touch with us. We don’t believe your ignorance is blatantly intentional, but we feel you need to be more aware of what is going on with popular culture.

As  our first example, we hold in self-evidence  your almost daily rants against people who were born after 1996. You seem to be mounting a slanderous campaign against their literary skills. Just because the “millennial generation”, as you refer to them, abbreviates every other word and uses slang  & symbols that are not found in any dictionary, it is ludicrous that you presuppose  a future without a scholar among them.

Secondly, it has come to our attention that up until last evening’s Saturday Night   Live, you had never seen Bruno Mars perform, or even heard his music. Now we do not know what size rock you have been hiding under, but for an allegedly informed woman, we find this highly weird.

Finally, our third example comes from the medium from which you get most of ur current events; AOL & the newspaper, PLSE!  The CHICAGO TRIBUNE can be compared to a corded telephone….boring! And AOL went out w/the cellular phone.

Wii ❤ recommend 3 reliable sources from which u can stay in touch with present day Earth:

  • The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart (without the H)
  • Access Hollywood, featuring Billy Bush (not related to either George W)
  • Inside Edition, starring the lovely and dedicated Deborah Norville

Wii sincerely hope that u take our suggestions in the spirit with which they are offered. OMG u gotta c more YOU TUBE grl!!!!!  🙂  lmao


2012 duh

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