Letters:The Sign off, until next time

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Letters: The Sign-off

Depending on the recipient or the intent of your letter, there are several options that I personally favour. In school we were taught to close a letter with sincerely, only after learning how to spell it. As 2012 would say, “Boring.” That is about the only thing we agree on.

RESPECTFULLY YOURS is my default. What respectfully conveys is the stance we should take with everyone we deal with. “Yours” hands the reader ownership of the preceding content.

For the lovelorn i.e. dbag21@gmail, try not to spoil everything by telling me: “I can’t eat, drink or sleep without you,”. Buck up bag! We are not in high school anymore, at least not me. “Forever Yours,” is a good lie to plop in front of your signature.

Just when I thought I was finished helping you with composing a killer letter……….. I forgot something. So until tomorrow:

Respectfully yours,

Gwen <><

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