Snail mail

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Snail Mail

If you choose to place that perfect letter down on paper, you may want to start looking for those long-lost seldom-used envelopes. My new friend 2012 only sees an envelope when his mom kicks him out of the basement to go out and retrieve the mail.


123 Loser Lane

Bumstumble, IA  68000

Gwendolyn Hoff

xxxx Perfection Place

Idealtowne, IL 60111

Above is the proper placement of the return address (upper left) and the recipient  near the middle; the lovelorn mailing by dbag21@gmail to lucky ol’ me.

My best friend’s daughter mailed out thank you notes some time back and we were surprized and appalled at lack of good form to her envelopes. She was 14 at the time and very bright, still is (bright), but her modern-day world offered her no practice at USPSing.

Ask your teenager to address an envelope and check out the results.

****** Pic of

***** Elvis

25 cents

If the postage were $.25 maybe we would mail stuff more often.

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