What the (fill in the blank) just happened!

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What (()&%$#% just happened!

Gwenny’s Wayback Machine once again takes us back to the year 1985, year 14 of my Science Fiction days. Ronald Reagan was President of a more innocent United States,We Are the World” is recorded in reaction to that new disease AIDS in Africa. The Space Shuttle program is in high gear, but the Challenger will soon be doomed to an ignominious fate.

Personally, I have started my book project “THE RETURN TRIP”,  a space-family saga that will see the Challenger cruelly intervene 12 months in the future . About the time that I am winding down Chapter 3, after a fruitful 3 hour session, I go to save the document thanks to that nifty feature on my Radio Shack 2000 that allows you to come and pick up where you left off………………..

………………….and then it was gone. )*&%^$#_){}][=?><(!! what just happened!!??

Whether it was procedural operator error or a computer glitch, 2 months of work just evaporated——and it was good stuff too!

That is the time when, after you stop crying, you wonder if you can possibly recreate all those great words & phrases.  And though I would recover, at that very moment I hearkened back to a recent time when it would have taken a house fire to lose 3 freaking chapters!

Nightmare #2 is a bad dream of a different color, as the Wayback machine fast-forwards to 1990; another seeming roadblock that may derail a book writer.

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