Don’t be a “Thin Book”

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Don’t be a “Thin Book”

After my psychological expedition inside my all-to-vivid imagination, I will continue on in a more conventional fashion. You have witnessed how easy it was for me to be sucked into an alternate reality.

But, there is a crux to it all and it had to do with getting deep; deep into your subject matter. Danny Bagman is a figment of my imagination (a fantasy where someone would ever obsess about me), but my job was to convince you he was real.

Giving your characters life, skin and bones and personality, for all your readers to experience will draw them in and entice them to get beyond the cover and forward.

The next step is to outline the structure; making sure you have enough material so it won’t just be a “thin book”. THIN BOOKS is a publisher where their motto is: “Because thick books cost too much.”

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