“Love in The Hamptons”

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“Love in the Hamptons”

List of Characters

Daphne Owens — The once sexy homemaker, now widow on the downside of 40, is looking for love in all the wrong places.

Doctor Thad Manchester — A Gynecologist just out of residency, none to choosy in attracting new patients, prone to being too compassionate/naive.

Mrs. Milicent Franklin-Manchester —  Daughter of privilege, wifey of the doctor. She is too busy decorating their upscale house in The Hamptons, of New York state, to notice obvious signs that her husband is affection starved.

Doctor Wilfred T. Jones — Senior Gynecologist at Infertility World, a groundbreaking clinic specializing in helping families who are having trouble conceiving children. He is too busy golfing to notice that Dr. Manchester is a sucker waiting to be licked.

Nurse Brittany Harrison — The gullible CNA who accepts Daphne’s sob story about wanting a baby to honor her dead husband. She is too busy using her i-phone to notice that Manchester’s sessions with Daphne go unusually long.

***A good roster of characters is pivotal to drafting a good, thick book.  As you can see, this here book is destined to be a book. The (Author) is going forward, taking my advice to stick to one project at a time.

***Tomorrow we will explore the ending of  Love in The Hamptons”, to see if there is a redeeming payoff to this project.

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