THE END — You can’t have a good book without a good one


THE END – You can’t have a good book without one

My (Author) client has shared the ending of her book. As a consultant I can only offer guidance. Below is her email to me:

Subject: End

Date: 12/7/2012 12:24:10 A.M. Central Standard Time

From: Mc(Author)


Dear Gwenny—

     Thank you for your help and encouragement. I would not have gotten past the 2nd chapter of “LOVE in THE HAMPTONS”  without your encouragement and $500 fee. Below is how my book ends; a real shocking cliffhanger heart-stopper.

     Doctor Wilfred Jones is found dead on the 13th hole at the SEASIDE COUNTRY CLUB from signs of blunt-force trauma. Nurse Brittany disappears on the way home from work with her i-phone missing, but not her purse. Mrs. Manchester is in a hospice, dying a slow death from an unknown toxin found in her coffee maker. Thad and Daphne are cruising on the Madagascar Sea when their ship COSTA FAVALOSA is captured by Somali Pirates. COSTA CRUISE LINES cannot afford the ransom because of the COSTA CONCORDIA disater. 4,252 passengers and crew are hostage at an unknown location in Mogadishu. President of the US,  Hilary Clinton sends the 7th Fleet to rescue the hostages and take over Somalia because of its strategic location at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

What do ya think?


My response tomorrow in “Writing is Fun-damental”.

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