Poetry–A Window to the Soul

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Poetry – A window to my Soul

My Fictional Self


from Gwendolyn Hoff



I have a friend and she is me, though at times I have my doubts,

that if reality has anything to do, you see.

My fictional self may be unable to discern the ins and outs,

of a common condition some call reality.


A life lived lonely is not wished on the least,

lest someone is visited by an overly fertile imagination.

And a man with a social address of dbag21, with me to the East,

of Iowa, Bumstumble to be sure somewhere in the nation.


I am believed to be stalked from a desktop,

a non-transportable computer in his parent’s basement.

Where young Danny has stumbled upon my blog-spot,

Writing is Fun-damental” catching his eye lacking any coherence.


Within my WordPress world seeking to restore good grammar,

he has seen this and that having to do with my life.

Perhaps I should not have posted that photo, causing a stammer,

but is it my fault when I meant not to make strife?


I went to his town curiously named Bumstumble,

to set the record straight about my age and his intent.

This not so little girl searched the sleepy Midwest Berg,

as an anonymous stranger to find the source of his bent.


From the bottom of the town well to the top of its tallest,

I talk to a him and a her; their fuzzy things or others.

A consensus forms in a line that has to be the longest,

that Danny Bagman would be a last choice given their druther.


But this is not at all real, not leaving my office warmly appointed,

for Iowa or anywhere containing an admirer amidst my fog.

Snap out of it Gwenny the thought of someone mythically anointed,

having the slightest interest in you, your blog or your big yellow dog.


I have a friend and she, she is me

So back in my office I ponder

If I really need to embellish what people see

With someone, something, somewhere out yonder.

Copyright  c 2012  WRITING IS FUN-DAMENTAL,. All rights reserved. The content of this WordPress Blog is meant to be shared, but not reproduced for commercial gain.

Publisher: Gwendolyn Kim Hoff

Gwenny’s Author website: http://www.gwendolynhoff.com

Back to regular content tomorrow. If you like the poem please let me know.

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