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Silly Me

Please excuse me for my unbridled enthusiasm for my writing and the written word in general. My original inspiration for launching this weblog was in reaction for the fear that our children and their children are casting aside good writing; an unnecessary burden that can easily tossed aside and abbreviated away.

My pessimism is fueled by history (I love history) and here is my second-hand evidence and your homework for the Christmas season:

Talk to your grandparents or someone older and ask them for old love letters, Christmas Cards or even general communication. Pay attention to the quality of their writing. You will be awed by how good even a a simple “thank you” note reads.

Some say that I have a way with words, which makes me humble, when I compare myself to the past. I know that a language evolves; new words are added, slang becomes everyday. But my goal is not to allow it to be watered down to the point that choppy sentences replace a well written paragraph.

When you are gathered in bunches, in front of the Christmas tree or around a yuletide table, talk to the oldest and ask them to dig up old letters; the oldest of us were and are savers of papers, without the aid of .doc files or jpegs, compressed or zipped.

You will not only discover a simpler time, you may even become as inspired as I am. Let us reach back and show the newest generation how it was done and how it should be done now.

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