Covert Puns #11

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#11 Covert Puns

#11 Covert Puns




Everyone in the family knew that they had to join the spy agency. It was a clan destine operation.Image result for clandestine definition


2. When a spy trails a businessman, he has to follow suit.Image result for clandestine definition


3. A spy who often worked from his basement bed was underground and undercover.

Image result for clandestine definition



 … and Quotes

Philip K. Dick

“There will come a time when it isn’t ‘They’re spying on me through my phone’ anymore. Eventually, it will be ‘My phone is spying on me’.”

Julia Quinn

“I also think he is given to disguises…Sometimes he wears spectacles and sometimes he does not. And twice he has worn an extremely peculiar hat. Inside.”
― Julia QuinnWhat Happens in London

Covert Puns #11