Holy Holly Haunted Hotel

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A Brief History

On January 19, 1913, the Holly Hotel in Holly, Michigan burned, for the first time!  Called “the most haunted historic building in Michigan” on the hotel’s own website, the Holly Hotel burned again 65 years later to the day and hour!

Digging Deeper

Digging deeper, we find many more reasons for the haunted reputation of the Holly Hotel.

Investigators have visited the hotel and confirmed its haunting, including Professor Norman Gauthier and numerous other groups.  Photographic evidence and the sheer volume of persons reporting ghostly phenomena are hard to casually disregard.

Many people unfamiliar with the history of the hotel or the previous reports of spiritual manifestations (including apparitions, smells, sounds, and music) are shocked when they find out other people have experienced the same creepy events!  Also, this paranormal activity has been going on consistently for a long time (hotel built in 1891).

Host to many notable people (including George H. W. Bush) and notable comedians (such as Bill Maher) performing at its comedy club, the Holly Hotel has even hosted the Detroit Red Wings after winning the Stanley Cup!  The Holly Hotel website brags that Joel Grey said the Holly’s restaurant is the equal to any in New York.

Carry Nation, that crusader for “temperance,” visited the Holly Hotel in 1908, but she did not come for the food, lodging or entertainment!  Along with her like minded intolerant mob she came to beat the hotel’s bar patrons with her umbrella.  Not surprisingly, management disapproved of her actions and had her arrested.

If you need a place to stay in southern Michigan and do not mind ghosts, the smell of non-existent cigars and ghostly perfume, objects moving of their own accord, phantom dogs brushing against you, mysterious giggling, and music coming from somewhere other than the “real” world, you might want to try the Holly Hotel.  The top notch food and entertainment could help you overlook the pesky ghosts, or perhaps you want to do a little research of your own!

Holy Holly Haunted Hotel

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