Chapter 1 Tone-Setter for LATOBSD

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Chapter 1 Tone-Setter


LATOBSD covers roughly 60 years, more than enough trips around
the sun to both meet and say goodbye to too many fine people;
From the spring of youth, to the winter of maturity, from the dawn of unrighteousness, to the sunset of discontentment.

In the interest of accuracy, I will sort through the most flagrant
fracturing of history perpetrated by little ol’ me. Remember the
“Rocky and Bullwinkle” feature: Fractured Fairy Tales? If you are too
young . . . . here are some pictures.

So . . . . here we go, hop-scotching from through the pages of
The Life and Times of a Black Southern Doctor, sifting from front
to back. Feel free to leaf back to the earlier pages, to refresh your
memory. And I will try not to rush.

____The Life and Times of a Black Southern Doctor 365

If you want to leave well enough alone and believe that all things
I penned are true (you’d be wrong), thank you investing your time and money to read LATOBSD.

For the rest of you:

Nearly all of the main Tallahassee characters were real people.
I used their actual names and because of the volatile nature of the
events, especially in the long-ago 1950’s. If I had fictionalized their names, I could never have kept them all straight. Who they were and what was their
relation to A.O. Campbell needed to be as is. Perhaps it is due to my
simple mind, but George Lewis, Charles Wilson, Franklin McLoud,
the Dr.’s nurses, the Dr.’s attorneys, the Prosecutors, Starke Prison and
Audrie Franich, all appearing in chapter 1, are real. Their true role and actions are my guessing(s), for the sake of an interesting story.

Now, some of the machinations surrounding his trial and
subsequent imprisonment, well that is a combination of speculation
and fictionalization on my part. In the afterglow of true history, none of this tinkering affects the outcome; in real life he was tried and convicted.

I skipped the trial completely. Had I not, the book would be 50 pages longer and even more frustrating. And the book would have ended on a real downer.

Peabody and Sherman

Chapter 1  Tone-Setter

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