Big News for Readers of THE RETURN TRIP

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Breaking News


Author Gwendolyn Hoff has Assembled an Episode Library for THE RETURN TRIP

+++Character List+++

Retrun Trip Ad

A comprehensive list containing every post (of this exciting Science Fiction tale) available at one convenient link

If you (choose one):

  1. Are late to the party
  2. Picked up reading somewhere in the middle
  3. Want to read THE RETURN TRIP more than 1 episode at a time
  4. Want to start fresh from the beginning (you’ll see how I have progressed in the way I have altered the presentation of the blog posts)
  5. Just want to be entertained by a unique combination of:
  • actual text from the book,
  • pictures,
  • clip art,
  • YouTube videos/music
  • like a table-top book filled with thousands of humorous or informational augmentations that enhance the reading experience

Click on – Browse – Enjoy

RT Episodes


Click on one of the links above and view/review any of the many individual episodes, dating back to January of 2014.

It will be updated daily until its conclusion in 2 (two) months…or so

Big News for Readers of THE RETURN TRIP

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