The Queen Mary 2 – WABAC to Ocean Liners

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"Where is the WABAC Machine going to take us this time, Mr. Peabody?

“Where is the WABAC Machine going to take us this time, Mr. Peabody?

“Let’s set sail for 2004. somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean.”

The RMS Queen Mary 2, the Largest Passenger Ocean Liner, Sails


Now that’s a ship’s-ship

On January 12, 2004, the RMS Queen Mary 2, flagship of the Cunard Line, left port on its maiden voyage after having been christened 4 days earlier by Queen Elizabeth II.  Built at a cost of $900 million (£460 million) to eventually replace the aging RMS Queen Elizabeth 2, that equated to approximately $300,000 for every one of the 2,620 passenger berths.  The luxury liner also carries over 1,200 crew members.

The second ocean liner to be named after the wife of King George V, the QM2 is massive at 1,132 feet long by about 147 feet wide.  She displaces over 75,000 tons (148,000 gross tons) and can motor along at 30 knots.  Though a British project, she was built in France.

The MS Freedom of the Seas (Click on Image to Enlarge)

At the time of her construction, she was the largest passenger ship until 2 years later in 2006, when an even bigger ship,

The other pretenders…

Royal Caribbean’s MS GT Freedom of the Seas, was built.  Although the younger ship can hold up to 3,624 passengers and 1,300 crew, she is 20 feet shorter and 5 feet narrower than the QM2.  The Freedom of the Seas, however, is a cruise ship and not an ocean liner like the RMS Queen Mary 2 who transverses the Atlantic Ocean.   


Ocean liners such as the HMS Queen Mary 2 are built with the rougher waters of the open ocean in mind.  They have more storage room for food, water and fuel than cruise ships such as the MS Freedom of the Seas.  As an ocean liner, the Queen is also made of thicker and sturdier steel than the Freedom who, not built to cover long distances of travel quickly but instead meant to dock at ports regularly, chugs along at 10 knots slower than the Queen.

The MS Oasis of the Seas (l.) and the MS Allure of the Seas (r.) (Click on Image to Enlarge)

The MS Freedom of the Seas did not carry the distinction of being the largest passenger ship for long.  In 2009 and 2010, Royal Caribbean introduced its two Oasis-class ships, the MS Oasis of the Seas and the MS Allure of the Seas.  These two cruise vessels can carry over 6,000 passengers and approximately 2,4000 crew.  At approximately 1,187 feet long and up to 198 feet wide, they are, unlike the Freedom, also larger in size than even the RMS Queen Mary II.

The Queen Mary 2 – WABAC

to Ocean Liners

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