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Forever Mastadon ~ Episode 216

…I forgot what I was going to say….

Our story resumes-001

Attorney Moore is ankle deep in horse apples, knee deep in hay and up to his neck in angst.

“Not to worry Worth old boy, Rex has everything under control. I remember when we were kids and I was out visiting his pop’s farm… ”  ____ PLENTY OF TIME FOR WORTH’S MIND TO WANDER____IS THE MILKMAN COMING TODAY?____ I DO LIKE THAT NEW  CARTOON “DENNIS THE MENACE”____HARRY TRUMAN IS DOING A BANG-UP JOB____“... But we went over to the General Store and bought him a carton of Camels and a Baby Ruth and he was happy.”

I forgot what I was going to say.” Eddie is a sidebar waiting to happen. “Didn’t we have something else to tell him Fanny?”

“That Baby Ruth is your favorite candy?” Funny Fanny.

“I favor the maple variety Bun Bar…” Now Worth remembers… “Oh yes, you’ll need a police escort to get into Comiskey Park. It’s over 4 miles on busy streets.”

“Got it covered Worth, my third Cousin Elston from my mother’s side works all the ballgames, he still sneaks me in after the first inning starts. I haven’t been to a game this year, I don’t like cold baseball, but last September I saw them sweep the Bronx Bombers all the way back east.”

“How many cousins do you have Eddie?” Fanny steps in to change the subject.

“Let’s just say the Dombroskis and Baxters got busy after V-J Day.”

Even with a 12 word sentence, Eddie D. can deliver excess information.

***For those keeping score, Eddie has injected 8 cousins to support his many and varied stories. Here in a list in review:

Eddie's Cousins-001

  1. Jimmy from Berwyn with 3 mentions>
  2. Wilfred who invented the rubber band ball board>
  3. Harold owner of White Castle stock>
  4. Johnnie’s son had polio>
  5. Georgie has a car repair shop on Western Ave.>
  6. Hilbert the farmer from Sandwich>
  7. Elston works White Sox games at Comiskey Park>
  8. Rex is one of the drivers & co-owner of C-14>
Now that’s a list!




Episode 216


page 171

Episode catalog-001


Characters CC-FM-001


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contents cc-fm 7-15

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