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Forever Mastadon ~ Episode 226

Reflection CC-fm-001


“This has been one helluva 5 months you guys,” Constance glances apologetically at the present preacher in deference to her use of words, “I mean heck, one heck a bumpy ride, but we all made it here in one piece. Eddie did take two for the team and my partner did her best to get kidnapped and top that off by having her neck broke, but all things considered…”



“… Amen,” her assessment is punctuated by Reverend Graham, who raises both hands high, “Thank you, dear Lord of us all, for your loving protection.  Please use us to accomplish your good, on the Earth that you created. May this weary world see you for who you really are, our Father who loves his children.”

And that’s not all.

“And would you place your blessing,” he holds the Holy parchment high, “on this, your instructions for the banishment of demons.”

Amen and amen’s make their way around the semicircular gathering of Libbyites; from those who have always believed, to the ones who have recently seen the light; both equal is the sight of God.

“Thank you Billy. You have given us the gift of an ultimate goal and we’re 2 hours from achieving it. When Fanny and I came to Chicago, we expected to solve a crime and go back to Florida, now here we are, surrounded by old friends and new and hating to leave.

“But after seeing what we’ve seen and learning what we’ve learned, we are changed women. Fanny can tell you that a case like this would never happen in Tallahassee; messy divorces, petty extortion, that’s what we do down there. What did we get here in Chicago: kidnappings, murders, conspiracy, demoniacs?

“Having guys like Worth and Ace around doesn’t hurt either.” CCI’s heart and soul, bares both. “And what can I say about that Eddie D. and his Cousins. Rex is the only one of them we have met, but the rest have been with us, ever since we came to town. I can tell you this Eddie and Edie; you will be the cousins they will be talking about from now on. Thank you for your friendship.”


Constance Caraway P.I.-001

Episode 226


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