Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #95

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #95

…In the time it takes to land a mother lode bass, Reverend Watkins e gladly introduces Mr. and Mrs. James Ferrell to his temporary and mixed congregation…

Wedding Bells-001

In the time it takes to land a mother lode bass, something Reverend Watkins knows something of, he gladly introduces Mr. and Mrs. James Ferrell to his temporary and mixed congregation. And unlike the new game of baseball, where raucous players and fans protest the umpire’s questionable judgment by booing and perhaps defaming his mother, these proceedings conclude with polite applause; though there is a noticeable gap between Agnes Ferrell’s white satin gloves, her heart not being quite right.

oddsOn the other hand, Martha and John are delighted, seemingly reborn in each other. It was not this way two days ago, which would point to the existence of miracles. So wide was the chasm between them, that the distance earth and the sun seemed closer.

Martha’s catatonic comportment, a distant empty stare, has wound itself up like a spring loaded retractable shade. She has pulled herself together for Abbey, the girl’s only mother figure.

Likewise, John seems to have set aside his other world, Laura and Maggie Lou apparently on the way to a stable life of their own. In the reception line they are fourth and third from the end, a line punctuated by the newlywed couple.

    Chances are no one would have predicted this good looking and happy sequence of people, back as late as 1896, when Abigail Smythwick was a daughter of one of the last plantation owners in the Panhandle, James was pegged as a better candidate for the priesthood than a career in law, John Ferrell’s amorous tryst made him a better candidate for “Adulterer of the Year” and Martha’s ignorance of her husband’s doings and daughter’s taboo love interest nearly cost her her sanity.


Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #95

page 86

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