Alpha Omega M. D. – Episode #123

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Alpha Omega M. D. – Episode #123

…Anticipation to see the newlyweds  is building…

The two incoming trains containing the greater Tallahassee reunion are maintaining their schedule to arrive at Buffalo’s Union Station on Tuesday 4 September 1901 about the noontime; on a perpendicular intercepting course.


There is a passive urgency for some on the Florida train, fore mostly John and Martha Ferrell. They have endured a season of an empty Thanksgiving, a spiritless Christmas, a hollow Easter, uncelebrated birthdays and anniversaries, all lost in the physical separation between Tallahassee and Cambridge.

It will not be long now.

The very same mix of people that freed the Campbells that heroically came to the aid of hurricane victims, plus spouses and minus the Fabulous Flying Bleaker Brothers is streaking down the iron rails in luxury berths.

The passenger list is as follows:

-John and Martha Ferrell

-Herbert and Phoebe Love

-Siegfried and Frieda Endlichoffer


-Willy, Amanda and Alfrey Campbell

-Harv Pearson

-Jacob Haley

-Jacques Francoise

We know what the top two names are looking forward to. As for secretary of Agriculture and personal friend of the President, Herbert Love, he will feel most at home at the Exposition. The remainder of fine folks will be wide eyed and ready for a good time; guests of the President, again, how about that.

Anticipation to see the newlyweds is building.

“I was saying that I hope the children are in good spirits,” speaks John F., seeing that those kids did this, in ascending order:

Catfish AL-001

  1. Got married
  2. Trained to New Orleans
  3. A  delta riverboat honeymoon
  4. A hurricane travail
  5. A Catfish Al rescue
  6. Another train to Buffalo
  7. It must be nice to be young.

“It looks like we will see for ourselves in a minute.” Martha is anxious and content at the same time.


Alpha Omega M. D.

Episode #123

page 113

Characters A.O.-001

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Complete Listing of Episodes

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