Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #228

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #228

…The right to vote on offices and issues that relate to women is important, particularly when one half of the population have no say in their own self-determination…

“Homage to Suffragette” by Bernard van Lierop

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… Attorney James Ferrell is tackling a case that no other lawyer wants to get within an addendum of; woman’s suffrage in the South, a contradiction of terms in itself. On a campaign through the Panhandle, having served at the core of the movement in England, Alice Paul has been arrested for inciting a riot; not that a riot of women is a huge threat to mankind, but the protest marches that seem to follow her around the country have law enforcement on their ready, and in the South, that means, ‘Not in my town.’

  The right to vote on offices and issues that relate to women is important, particularly when one half of the population have no say in their own self-determination. Something has to be said, someone has to take a stand – something has to be done. And unpopular as it is, in an entrenchment of tradition, shaking the branches of a tree is the best way to reap the fruit.

And despite her stint in the Cinderella troupe, Phoebe Love has kept a close eye toward this matter, entreating advisor Ferrell not to allow this gross miscarriage of justice to languish in the Florida court system; even to the point that Mrs. Love funds Paul’s defense.

Now these are very strong terms for a woman who has been a stay-at-home wife for her forty year marriage, none of which she ever did not have a say on who, what, when, where, how, or why. A vote, on whether Woodrow Wilson should remain as President or be replaced by Charles Evans Hughes in the election of 1916 was not hers to have.

  That is why women like Alice Paul place themselves at risk, utilizing shock tactics and not-so-subtly nudging society into noticing injustice. Men look at her with disdain, largely fearing what equal rights would do to their present tidy arrangement. And it is not like many women embrace her radical concepts.

Equal rights;

  1. Does that mean I will have get a job and trade my skirts in for overalls?
  2. Or fight in a war, how horrible?
Such is the misunderstanding, misinformation in this “miss and mrs.” issue.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #228

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