The NULL Solution = Episode 166

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The NULL Solution = Episode 166

…We had hoped beyond hope that my family was thriving somewhere out there… now we have proof…

While Prez Roy, Gus & Co. are away on the right coast of North America, Fletcher Fitch is holding down the fort. His wife is dead, his daughters sprung from the nest, NASA is his family and reason to go on living. If there are 24 hours in an Earth day, he spends 25 of them on the job.

His personal, as well as most select visual screens that are focused on Mars, are filled with the Harmonia message; a vision bigger than NASA 3000, larger than Earth’s foremost democracy and grander than beauty that is the blue planet.

What is the meaning of this doctrine?

It is up to any particular world to get its act in order; to band together rather than continue to flounder independently. It will not be an easy task, but the trail blazed by the presence of Sampson McKinney & Friends, is reinforced and enhanced by the ubiquitous Harmonia Beacon.

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Upon the return from their propaganda/promotional tour, the full realization that the McKinney patriarch is only sixty million miles away sinks in, at current orbital orientation.

We had hoped beyond hope that my family was thriving somewhere out there… now we have proof. What are we waiting for?” Gus M. wonders exactly what to do with this information.

“It isn’t just our decision, Gussy.” Roy Crippen has his opinions. “The more I see of this Harmonia, the less I think we have any say on what the final results are. Your parents have spent more than two decades on a different world. Just how they got there, and the rest of their story, is yet to be told. Something tells me that they have stayed away for a good reason, like maybe we weren’t ready to handle all the ramifications of them returning.”

“What would be the harm?”

“Or what? You want to go out to Mars for a visit, to convince your father to return to Earth with you? What about Celeste… she has been here, I could smell her perfume, and I could even hear her voice. You tell me why she did not stay. Because she saved Deke and you from our flawed science… that’s why. Whomever they are staying with is WAY smarter than us… that’s why. Earth was not ready to understand… that’s why.”

“Deke is alive, for real?”

“I am 99% sure.”

The NULL Solution =

Episode 166

page 162

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