The NULL Solution = Episode 171

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The NULL Solution = Episode 171

…Parking @ Harmonia is free…

Harmonia Part 2

One thing is for sure, Harmonia is currently teeming with representative participation from hundreds of worlds; each to their own obelisk, onsite to proclaim their allegiance to the alliance of the peaceful.

It is merely a symbol of affirmation, devoid of committees and dualistic ambassadors, unlike the defunct United Nations of Earth which turned into a forum for gripe and strife.

Each participating affiliate will provide a physical representative, who will willingly be transported by     to take part in any issues, disputes or accords that need deliberation by the group, within the Harmonia main tower @ the Harmonia Council, in the Great Hall. The representative may be either selected or elected.

|Member citizenry may come and enjoy the natural wonders of the host planet {Mars} and matriculate in the obelisk of their homeworld, if they abide by the environmentally vigilant guidelines of the New Mars.|

The Great Hall in Harmonia Tower is reserved for the designated representatives of each member world.

  • A universal interpreter is available for ease of verbal or telepathic communication.
  • Foreign customs are to be observed when appropriate.
  • The nourishment required to satisfy the tastes of said citizenry will be provided in their obelisk.
  • Only sub-light speeds will be allowed below the radiation inhibiting belt, which begins at the top of Harmonia Tower.
  • Ground transportation autopods are available upon request.
  • Mutual respect is required and is strictly enforced.
  • Parking is free.

The Charter Members will be forever recognized as Earth & Eridanus & Seljuk. Others will follow closely.

The vast majority of Harmonia members know nothing of the other, or even that the planet Earth is in such close proximity. Like any confederation, there will be growing pains. No world will have greater import above the others; neither will dominion in any form be exercised.

Shambhala, Shangri-La, Utopia, Star of Serenity or Heaven? Just what may be the connection with Harmonia & every lofty kingdom, mythical or otherwise?

Lorgan is the final word.


The NULL Solution =

Episode 171

page 167 (end Ch. 16)

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