The NULL Solution = Episode 185

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The NULL Solution = Episode 185

…Roy Crippen and Gus M. give the impression of being nonchalant about the pending return of the Eridanian branch of the McKinneys, but inside they are beside themselves…

Beside Oneself

While Sammy Mac continues to put a shine on the soon-to-be-outbound NEWFOUNDLANDER, just like he did with his cherry red 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, Celeste is going to pave the way for their pending return. Mrs. Mac will lose her trans-migratory abilities someday, but not on this one. It has been determined that someone must know in advance that the McKinneys are coming. A simple dip of the starboard side wing inside the stratosphere will not be enough.

She is scheduled to “appear” at King Ranch on what they hope is a weekend late-night/early-morning, when Roy, Francine, Gus or some combination thereof are dreaming, perhaps about invading aliens or falling out an unlocked hatch in deep space. Celeste’s touch ‘n go act has already been used on Gus and Roy a good while back, so either of them should be able to distinguish reality from dreams.

There is an interesting conversation going around the breakfast table {with two missing chairs representing Sampson & Celeste}, the following morning at King Ranch.

“Did you…” Gus looks at Roy.

“Yep,” whispers Roy, “your Mother explaining that the whole famn-damily is coming back to us?”

She held up 2 fingers, so I assume it will be in two years.”

The men give the impression being nonchalant about the revelation, but inside they are beside themselves. Just how to fully present this interpreted news, will affect life on King Ranch is readily apparent. Whether they ever divulge it to the wider world is TBD.

Strategically seated next to each other, safely within whisper distance, it will be kept under wraps for the time being.

The NULL Solution =

Episode 185

page 179

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