The NULL Solution = Episode 188

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The NULL Solution = Episode 188

…Hardly a single meaningful moment of his time away from Earth is not contained herein…


The Long Way Home

There is one data storage device that Sampson McKinney has clung to with his very life. From the time he and Celeste decided to occupy the alien ship NEWFOUNDLANDER, that they stumbled upon on Mars’ surface, it has been like a good luck charm, or perhaps his security blanket. It does not matter. He has it and you will have to pry it from his cold dead hands.

It is a time capsule that can be held in a single hand, cold or warm, an Earthly encyclopedia of as much human knowledge that can be condensed; a personal log of what has been the most incredible adventure ever in the history of history. He did not know when or if this recorded gem would ever be seen by anyone but him.

Should he ever be the last earthling, dead or alive, the essence of what it means to human and in space is contained for whomever to view. In the case of his children i.e. daughter-in-law and grandson, barreling through space toward Earth, it is a fountain of useful information and endless hours that will help whittle away at the ensuing boredom of their journey.

For example:

Deimostra not only sees herself being born, she is getting a crash course about her home-to-be.

Deke can cue up the moment when he is spirited away from Gus and a flawed SEx.

Joyner gets to witness what life aboard Space Colony 1 was like for his Grandpappy and Grandmum firsthand.

Cerella discovers that her father-in-law is way more sentimental than he leads on; the de facto videographer of the ceremony that joined her to Deke.

Celeste hears her husband speak about her in terms that would make Lorgan blush {we believe}.

The man, who has spawned an entire family in and of space, is exposed for the softy that he is. Hardly a single meaningful moment of his time away from Earth is not contained herein. Who would have guessed that the McKinney patriarch had such mad editing skills?

Digging even deeper into the megabit menagerie of memories, there is footage of King Ranch, complete with a tribute to its founder and dearest friend Braden King. Gone but not forgotten is NASA’s voice to the world, back before Francine Bouchette-Crippen took the mantle. Talk about your ground floor archives. Braden has been gone for quite a while, but the legacy that he passes down to Roy Crippen, Sampson McKinney and a long line that stretches to the edge of the Milky Way and beyond, is a must-see for everyone aboard NEWFOUNDLANDER; wide-eyed yes – dry-eyed no.

The NULL Solution =

Episode 188

page 181

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