Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 9

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 9

…“Associates of Al Capone perhaps?” Connie’s A-typical outsider perception…

Fanny Renwick takes up lookout posture, keeping one eye on the front parkway, while checking lampshades, picture frames and such for listening devices.gumshoe_detective

“No, I don’t have a clue, which is why I called on your agency.”

“Why not use a local gumshoe?”

I don’t know a reliable civilian investigator, trust anyone of authority from this city, especially not the Chicago Police Department.”

“Associates of Al Capone perhaps?” Connie’s A-typical outsider perception.

“No, not exactly, but you see what I mean; Corruption with an upper-case C.”

“You never really know who is in whose pocket.” Constance speaks of how when “Money talks and honesty walks”.


“When you spoke to Miss Connie, did you use this telephone,” Fanny asks, having traced the cord leading to it to its source on the baseboard?

No, I gave you a university extension, down in the boiler room of the Admissions Building. That’s why it took some time for me to come to the phone. I was working over at the biochemistry lab.”

“What did you find, Fanny?”


“There is a splice in this wire… and the extra set of Bell wires leads down below the floor.”

“The basement,” explains Kamen. “We never go down there. It’s an old, dark, typical 100 year old two-flat after all, a musty place filled with cobwebs and spiders.”

“Who has access to it and could you takes us down there?”

“Only the boiler guy has a key, uses the back entrance to work on the mechanicals. The last time he was here….” He hesitates…. “We didn’t even call him, come to think of it; called it a complimentary visit, back in August I believe.”

“Is this the door to the basement?” Constance guesses.

“Surely it is, but it’s always locked…”

But it opens without a key.

“Don’t call me Shirley and it seems to be unlocked. Constance has a bevy of P.I. clichés in her verbal arsenal, corny and/or clever.

“Curious.” He points down the rickety stairs. “Watch your heads; cover your hair from the dust and spider webs.”

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

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