Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 40

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 40

…On the way back to the house, Connie is still trying to pick up the trail that leads to Willard Libby…


“Why did Billy Graham, Libby and that pope guy allow him at the Tolentine?” Fanny sees logic leaving the room.

“Good question, but they may have been under the impression that Wolfgram was some sort of government official connected to Argonne. Maybe he was part of the Manhattan Project and Will somehow trusted him, I don’t know.”

“A wolf dressed like a sheep.” posits Martin.

“Like a gumshoe dressed like a school teacher,” says Fanny.

“Or a mule dressed like a librarian.”  Constance quips.

“Who is going to put all these books back?” asks a forlorn Fanny.

“I know the librarian…” Martin winks and beckons the girl at the main desk, likely a post-graduate “friend” of his. Her thumb and index finger form the universal O.K. sign.

“Let’s put on our thinking caps.” On the way back to the house, Connie is still trying to pick up the trail that leads to Willard Libby, instead of the Road to Perdition. “Do you know what secret Libby was going to share with the world, the one that led to his misfortune?”

“I believe he was going to present an updated version of how we calculate the age of the Universe.”

“Six days and a rest,” an apt Genesis reference.

“Not exactly, but you are close Constance.”

“How close?”

“That is the $64,000 dollar question.”

“I love that show, we listen every week, right Connie?”

“Yes we do Fanny.” Sometimes focusing is a problem.

“A lot less that 12 zeroes (billions).”

“What is the harm in that?”

“For one thing that would mean that if true, it would turn science textbooks into so much rubbish, hence the interest of McGraw-Hill.”

“So… we have two sides of the ledger, don’t we,” Constance extends her arms out? “On the left we have those who support Libby.”

“Billy Graham, the Pope, Ernesto Pacelli, Fermi.”

“And those who do not on the right…..”

“Educators, entrenched science, and unknown dubious forces,” Martin describes the opposing interested parties, “making poor Will the meat in a carbon sandwich.”

“The stakes are quite high and they seem to be rising. Elvis and Kelly nabbing our Fanny girl has changed the game and this deal with World Agnostica is downright hair-raising,” she still cannot align that experience with anything that resembles reality. “I think it’s time we talk to the good guys. I’m tired of getting screwed around by the bad guys.”

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

page 39

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