Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 63

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 63

…Caraway & Renwick have been the best of “friends” ever since they met in Tallahassee 20 years ago…

“Can we afford all this Connie, the hotel alone is $40 dollars a night?” Fanny holds the money but it is Constance who controls it, a system of checks and balances that should make Congress feel guilty. Senators and House members go on oversea junkets, in the guise of fact-finding missions, when in fact they are on taxpayer sponsored vacations for themselves and three-quarters of their extended family… plus 2 or 3 loyal campaign contributors. Constance and Fanny are splurging by going a grand total of 60 blocks north of Hyde Park. “And I had to buy a new Polaroid after those creeps nabbed me, another $70 dollars plus sales tax.”

“That was $48,000 dollars I deposited at Northern Trust,“ she speaks to the LaSalle Street branch where she gave the Libby Incident money a safe haven, in a big-time hurry right after her spooky experience at 33 North LaSalle; in their well-gotten gains go a, scant block down the street and none too soon. “You should have the lion’s share of the remaining two thousand left, right?”

“I did advance Eddie $500 for January… and a $20 bonus for showing us a good time this week,” Fanny speaks to her discretion. “It was generous of Martin to pay him for December.”

“Good, that leaves us a good sum to celebrate in grand style!” Just what the new year has in store for them, is story as yet unwritten. “Let’s get back to Palmer House and get ready to ring in 1951!


“This is our first New Year’s Eve away from home,” Fanny reflects warmly on memories fashioned in Florida.

“Times, they are ‘a changing, Fan!”

The two women have been the best of “friends” ever since they met in a Tallahassee greasy spoon 20 years ago…

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

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