Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 85

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 85

Chapter Eight


 …“It’s Eddie… Edie has gone missing…

“My Edie is gone,” screams a panic stricken man into a telephone line connected to the only person he can trust at the moment!

“Calm down Eddie,” Fanny has picked up the line, recognizes the voice but not to whom he refers in the possessive. “Who is Edie?”

“She’s my wife Fanny, my wife is gone… I drove down to Lewandowski Bakery for some donuts this morning and when I came back, she wasn’t here!”

“Maybe she went for a walk………”

“I was only gone for 10 damn minutes and it’s colder than a well drillers butt!”

“Alright, I get it!”

Constance has since returned from her shower, hearing only Fanny’s side of the discussion, “What’s the fuss Fan?”

“It’s Eddie… Edie has gone missing.”

“Who is Edie?”

“Eddie’s wife.”

“How is it we didn’t know that? All those stories of his and no mention of the name Edie, give me the phone.”

Fanny hands the bedroom extension to her half-naked roomy, one arm for the receiver and one arm to keep up the towel.

Constance runs down her list of pat questions that would apply to any potential case; who, what, where, when & why, the 5 w’s. Theme and variation are tried and true techniques in a P.I.’s toolbox, along with Connie’s own unique application.

During that course of inquiry she learns of the exact timeline of Edie Dombroski’s disappearance. Given the scope of the Libby Affair and its far-flung tentacles, she is taking this development quite seriously. Not-so-subtle messages are being lobbed in their general direction, whether it is Fanny’s kidnapping or Ernesto Pacelli’s “suicide”, now this latest potential skulldugerry.

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

page 77

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