Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 87

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 87

…Yeah, two-bit thugs who have a bad habit of picking on women…

two-bit thugs

Once the CCPI threesome gains Eddie’s Englewood address, they discover that a sticky situation has turned fluid. They are handed a note that Eddie had found on the kitchen table alongside a half-drunk cold cup her morning decaf:

If you ever want to see your wifey

agan youll keep your nose out

of where it dont belong. Tell those too dames

too back off, they’re in over their pertty little heads.

Listen up or you can kiss Edie goodby.

We’ll call you and dont bother looking cause yous wont find her.

“That is awful grammar Connie,” Fanny concludes, “it reads just like the way Elvis and Kelly talked to me.”

“Yeah, two-bit thugs who have a bad habit of picking on women… the smell of this caper rings a bell.” Caraway detects the lingering vapors of chloroform. Her distaste for the overall male condition is secure. She asks Fanny to dig deep, “Did they give you any clues about where they’re from or who they work for?”

Once the effects, of same knock-out gas used here, had cleared her system, Fanny did remember one small detail, “They mentioned something, it was an Irish name, O’Malley’s on something west…. Westward….. Westin…..”

Western Ave. Chicago

“Western,” Eddie offers dejectedly.

Constance flails her arms, “Telephone book Eddie, get me one! Do you know anything about an O’Malley’s on Western?” The gauntlet was laid down when they scribbled ‘don’t bother looking ‘cause yous won’t find her’.

“Maybe it’s a Irish gin-joint, lots of those places Eddie's Cousins-001up in the city; my cousin Georgie has a place on south Western, down by all the car lots. All those cheap clunkers Detroit is spitting out don’t hold up on these mean streets.”

“Here…… how about a car repair shop at 800 South Western.”

“That’s Chicago Ave, west side of the street on the near north side.”

“These guys must have some sort of headquarters. It may be a hunch, but it’s all we have to work with.”

“You can send junior home Con, I’ll take it from here,” referring to their new driver William.

“I think he can still make that piano lesson,” Fanny hopes aloud.

Connie leans out the front door of the bungalow to wave William off, excusing him from any further sequestered livery. His effort will not go completely unnoticed.

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

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