Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 96

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 96

…If all goes according to the CIA’s plan, both World Agnostica Unlimited and Forever Mastadon will crumble from the top down…

Related in name only

Born Jesse James, the only son of a history buff and curator of the local SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) chapter Franklin James and his school teacher wife in Northfield, Minnesota, young Jesse had to live up to his name. There had been so much lore about his outlaw namesake that he was always held to a tougher standard by his classmates.

Contrariwise, his parents would never have sanctioned a ruffian in their home, so this version of Jesse James is an anti-lawbreaker, continuing on into his current vocation, as public servant and standard-bearer for the truth.

If you are keeping score, here is a recap of the man of many names (in order of their earthly appearance):

  1. Agent Daniels-001Jesse James           = Born
  2. Agent Daniels         = CIA employed
  3. Bernard Spencer    = Vatican employed
  4. The Rogue              = Code Nickname
  5. Cephus                    = Satan lieutenant

So with that solid Minnesota bloodline in mind (and his four thinly veiled aliases), he has managed to find favor with the most fallen of all the angels of the Divine One. There is nary a plausible explanation for Libby Affair-001how Daniels, the non-alias of his five, has been able to pull off his trail of subterfuge, even under the prying eye of the Dark Deceptor.

On the surface, The Libby Affair is but a ripple in time. It may seem inconsequential to the uninformed (those that Pentateuch would favor and encourage), but when it comes to the moral fabric of an otherwise depraved world, nothing is more important than to know the true beginning, the Genesis of life on our planet.

This is what World Agnostica Unlimited would have you think: First, the Earth has been around forever and through by randomness of evolution mankind has managed to thrive. And secondly, there is none-such being as the devil, so go on living your life any which way you choose.

You might say that Agent Daniels possesses a rare human trait, the ability to distinguish right from wrong, truth from deception.

The same can be said of the intrepid girls of Constance Caraway Private Investigation and the Carbon Dating Duo at the U of Chicago and the put upon Dombroski’s of Englewood or the Sainted Sister at Tolentine.

Whether in the course of plain old good luck, dogged determination or God’s favor, they one-for-all have, at least to this point, survived the fallout from the Devil himself.

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

page 87 (end Ch. 8)

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