Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 136

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 136

…Cupcake my ass, you—you Mr. Big Stuff…


…do I need to convince you further? And you can toss in that phantom building in Rome and those ghost headquarters on top of that LaSalle Street address,” Daniels states authoritatively.

“Okay I get your point, but what can we do going forward?” Ace, the veteran of many an aerial dogfight wants to be prepared for a battle of the uncharted sort.

“Pentateuch is mad as hell and he is back on the move. As far as I know, he cannot directly harm anyone who is not under his control; he has to use surrogates to do that dirty work.”

“Where does that leave you, didn’t you work for him?”

“Not in the strictest sense, Mr. Ace. I have had special mind-control-defeating-training, should I be captured during an operation and all, so I am immune from his personal attacks. So for immediate purposes, it’s the Chicago Police Department I need to get around.”

“Good ol’ Connie here knows how to deal with cops, don’t you cupcake?” he slaps her on the backside.

“Cupcake my ass! You can make fun of me, you—you Mr. Big Stuff, but I may have the best plan EVER in mind.”

“If it involves me, you do know about that flack shrapnel I have in my gluteus maximus?”

what he wants“Yes you can be a pain in the posterior, but I am talking about giving Penty exactly what he thinks he wants most.”

“I think I know, but for the sport of it, what does he want?” asks the single most informed human being in present company.

“I’ve heard you refer to it as the Great Deception.”

“Yes this whole ordeal revolves around protecting it. He is every bit a roaring lion.”Agent Daniels-001

“All we have to do is have Martin sign off on a paper that concludes that all of Libby’s findings were skewed, he poo-poos it, thereby preserving his precious evolution ruse.”

It gets the Agent Daniels stamp of approval, “After all, what’s the big deal? They think Willard his dead, right? And Old Martin here, didn’t have the courage to see it through.”

Constance Caraway P.I.

Mr. Bigstuff

Forever Mastadon

page 119

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