Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 186

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 186

…Gone is the spring-like weather of 2 days ago; ‘sleety days and Mondays always get me down’, but nothing will dampen the spirits of the Libbyites…

It is the third night of the Graham Great Chicago Crusade and it has been decided, byLibbyites-001 a straw poll of the Libbyites incl.: Constance, Fanny, Martin, James/Daniels, Sister Mary Joseph, Eddie, Edie, Ace and Worth to attend in unison, a united front of those whose lives will be forever altered by this experience.

Kimbark roomie, the elusive William the piano teacher, has a date with the Dean’s daughter.

Goldwyn the Jr. has two nights in the can (movie lingo for completed scenes) and is capturing the true flavor of what it means to come to Jesus. His wife of one year Jennifer is welcomed as an honorary Libbyite.

Gone is the spring-like weather of 2 days ago; ‘sleety days and Mondays always get me down’, but there is not anything that will dampen their spirits. Ever indulgent Ace Bannion has chartered a luxury motor coach for the occasion and with 100% attendance, good times they are a flowing. Though their guard is ever vigilant, the strange twists and death-defying turns are shelved for the Crusade finale, to make way for a good old fashioned southern worship service. Billy has promised them a special night.

The Libbyites occupy the owner suite, an enclosed luxury booth, one of fifty ringing the mezzanine, with the absolute best view (center ice). It also provides them self-service security, so they can be as carefree as possible.

If it were a Blackhawk Hockey game, team owners Arthur Wirtz or James Norris may be front and center with their family, friends and cronies, but the team is bad, bad, worse and they are on a long two week road trip. Thank God for small favors; those pesky sportswriters will fly away, fly away on the West Coast Swing with the team.

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

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