Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #34

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #34

…”Nessie” is close enough to deliver a staggering jab to his bicep. He will bruise tomorrow, but acts nonchalant for now…


Loch Ness

“Constitutional law is my true passion,” states young James Ferrell to Abigail’s father.

This is lofty talk for a boy-to-be-man whose short term objectives include stealing a peak down the front of Abigail’s dress for a look at her nubile breasts and to pretend that his punch came from the children’s bowl.

Fortunately for the young couple, Smythwick has his head turned by adult matters of greater yield to him. James grabs Abigail’s hand, rushing her to the Tallahassee “end” of the cavernous room, where talk of Constitutional Amendments pertain to human rights, not the preferential rights of the few.    

Their flight to privacy is halted by John Ferrell, snagging James like a conductor on a train snags the dangling mailbag as it speeds past a whistle-stop.

“Hold up, son, aren’t you going to introduce your pretty friend to your mother and me? Let me get her attention. Martha?!” John motions urgently to his spouse, who is doing her best to entertain those unable to do so on his or her own. At first she is wary, but only until she spots James’ companion. Agnes is attached to her hip, though slightly apprehensive at the prospect of standing next to the nauseatingly slender girl, one year her senior.

“Father, Mother, Agnes, this is Abigail. Abigail, this is my Father John, my mother Martha and my sister Agnes, but we call her Nessie!” She hates being compared to the mythical monster from the British Isles.

Nessie is close enough to deliver a staggering jab to his bicep. He will bruise tomorrow, but acts nonchalant for now.

“I prefer Agnes!”

“I am so pleased to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell.” She extends her gloved hand which is received and kissed by John, who knows of younger women. “Agnes and I meet at Maclay Park most every year. As a matter of fact, she was kind enough to introduce me to James this very year.”

“You must come to the house Abigail, perhaps before the summer completely passes us by,” suggests the Mrs.

“I would love to, Mrs. Ferrell and please, please call me Abbey. James and all my close friends do.” She is perky, pretty and polite. “My only regret is that our farms are so distant.”

Hillside Estates

Hillside Estates

The miles between Hillside Estates and Fort Sumter South could be and would be closer if the plantation homestead were placed to the southeast corner of the 5000 acres instead of the northwest.

“Do not worry your pretty little head, Abbey, we will find a way. We have a motorcar you know.”

“I would meet you in town. Daddy does not believe in those “metal coffins”, says they will be the end of civilization.”

“I see…,” What can one say that archaic notion..

John Ferrell just rolls his eyes, knowing the old man’s eccentricities go much deeper than that. He remains mute.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #34

page 32

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