Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #72

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #72

…”James, Abigail, please come down and greet our visitors… they have come all the way from Quincy”…

James Abigail-001

“Say, where is James?” father John wonders. wonders.

“I will give you three guesses and the first two do not count.”

“Abigail.” Next to 2+2=4, father John’s guess is a solid second. You cannot discern an inch of separation between the two, and no one, save Agnes, who favors placing her adopted sister on a slow boat to nowhere, has a clue on how to douse this bonding fire of love, unless she alienates both. At ages 16 and 17, the threat of marriage is not that uncommon an occurrence at that.

‘What is happening to out family?’ is the concurrent question running through the minds of Martha and John.

Meanwhile‘How will we ever make it to marriage, without making love first?’ happens to be the joint thought of both James and Abigail, continuing on the course on a ship named “Destiny”.

Ferrell's Grocery-001“Now wait a minute, Abbey. I have saved a good sum of money and by the time you graduate from high school, we will have enough left over to get a place of our own in Cambridge,” calculates and proposes James, who has been prudent with the money he has earned as assistant manager of the Monroe Street Ferrell’s Grocery store.

“I am going to petition our school to graduate early… with you.” She had already thought this out, unable to imagine staying behind. Agnes would make her life miserable. “Or maybe I will not graduate and continue my education in Massachusetts. I cannot live here without you!”

Gadsden County Courthouse in Quincy Florida

There is a hormonal symbiosis of souls at work here, neither to be reason or at all resisted. Can true love, at such an early age, survive in the face of contentious guardians, the subversion of a sibling, plus eight years of Harvard Law?

James, Abigail! Please come down and greet our visitors… they have come all the way from Quincy!”  Use of the name, Abigail, means John Ferrell means business. For all his own questionable actions, he had hoped that James would carry on in the family business, even though he acknowledges his son’s aptitude in the direction of higher education.

Abbey adjusts the bodice of her dress, having allowed James access earlier. They just cannot help themselves.

Alpha Omega M.D.


Episode #72

page 66

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