Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #85

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #85

… The future couple, just exiting their teen years, seems to have aligned most of the cogs in the gear of life…

Harvard Law School

“It does matter how much you love her, James, you are a twenty year old pre-law student. You do not need the responsibility of a young wife. And what if you father a child? Will you drop out of Harvard to work on some dock by the sea? I would hate to see your dreams and aspiration blow away like so much dust.”

Sweetheart Tree-001      These are the concerns of John Ferrell, who has just been informed that his son intends to take a bride; the Smythwick girl they had adopted two years past. Despite the high degree of maturity that the intended couple displays, it is his voice alone that is the lone foil to their plans. Wife Martha has been drifting in and out of reality ever since her brother perished aboard the battleship Maine. And of course the ensuing brush with the sordid minutiae of an increasingly complicated family life does not help.

“Father, this should come as a surprise to you… you know how dear Abbey is to me and I cannot afford to enter another year of school without her company. The distraction of her absence has a detrimental affect on my studies, which is why I matriculate to Massachusetts in the first place.” James’ focus cannot be denied.

Abigail Smythwick“What will Abigail do in those years before you apply your craft?” John attempts to find cracks in this uncured foundation.

“I have been promised that my versatile wife is to be welcomed on the staff at the campus law library, which you know, will be of great help for me in the future. Mother has been kind enough to teach her library science. You met her in a library, right?” The question is rhetorical.

The future couple, just exiting their teen years, seems to have aligned the cogs in the gear of life. “Mother has given us her blessing.”

“I can see that my resistance is futile,” the elder Ferrell concludes, adding, “Have you told your sister?”

“No, but I plan to take Nessie for a ride over Ziggy and Frieda tonight. I will make the announcement then.”

John knows that Agnes will not take the news very well. He does not quite why, he just knows. He fears for his daughter, who has the deportment of a woman in her fortieth year, fully twenty-two years down the line.

“I wish you luck, son.”

Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #85

page 78

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