Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #88

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #88

…James has forgotten the reasons for their country dally and before he can say a word, his pants have traveled past his ankles…

Forbidden Love

James has forgotten the reasons for their country dally and before he can say a word, his pants have traveled past his ankles and Agnes is moaning in intense pleasure. Never mind that he has exactly the same sexual experience as his familial partner, nature has taken its crooked course. James Ferrell loves his sister, though not the way God intended or society would understand.

It would be safe to say that neither interested, orgasmic party, may ever achieve such satisfaction again, in their normal adult lives; punishment, one supposes, for partaking in forbidden fruit.

Never mind how bitter the afterglow feels for James, Agnes strokes his light brown locks, refusing to let go of her loving fulfillment. James is exhausted, which might explain his willingness to use Agnes’s bosoms as a cradle for his head.

lightning_bolt-1For her to think that her misguided love for James can ever come to any good is delusional. But her perceptions are so ingrained in her sub or otherwise conscious that she believes she has just made love to her future husband and father of her children. The latter may happen, if the timing is right, but not the former.

Reality sets in with a vengeance.

“Oh my God, Nessie what have we done!?”

“Don’t worry, James. I love you and nothing can take that away from us,” Agnes needlessly assures.

“Oh, yes there is! And that is only if we are not struck down by a bolt of lighting in the meantime,” he speculates. “I want you to go down to the stream and wash me out of you or you might conceive a horribly deformed child. My God in heaven, forgive us of our sin.”

Despite her twisted leanings, and the contrary thoughts thereof, Agnes squats in the rivulet, rinsing her blood and her brother’s life producing swimmers into the cool aquatic flow; her hopes and dreams diluting at one hundred gallons a minute.

Agnes will learn of James’s impending nuptials some other time. Time instead to pretend nothing ever happened; a tall, but not impossible order considering the secret existence of little Maggie Lou, the ongoing Ferrell ruse.

Alpha Omega M.D.

San Luis Lake5-001

Episode #88

page 81

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