Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #136

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #136

…In the first staged pose, she has the President sitting in a chair and the Tallahassee Twelve surrounding him…

Judith Eastman goes about arranging her subjects with a bubbling fountain as the backdrop. In the first staging, she has the President sitting in a chair and the Tallahassee Twelve surrounding him. The second same, Alpha Campbell is seated on the floor, between McKinley’s knees. A third group shot, has the commander-in-chief is flanked by Herbert and Phoebe Love, just as they have stood by him through war and peace.

    The adept photographer flows through a series of individual requests:

  1. John, Martha, James and Abbey.
  2. Willy, Amanda and Alfrey.
  3. Ziggy, Frieda and Alfrey.
  4. Herb and Phoebe alone.
  5. Frick and Frack/Jacob and Jacques.

And just about everybody alone with the President.

“I have only two exposures left,” an exhausted Judith tells them.

“If you show me how to work your camera, how about and you and the Prez?” offers Harv Pearson.

“I would like that and–Mister Love would you then take a picture of Harv and me?”

Both men takes his turn behind the lens.

Harv snaps off a beauty, Judith shaking McKinley’s hand. Somewhat hammy, yet quite dignified.

Herb needs not prompt the subjects of the final exposure; Eastman and Pearson, arm in arm, smiling ear to ear, perhaps at the warmth of the present, or the bright prospects in their future.mckinley-at-pan-american-exposition

“You will have to give me my leave, friends. I delivered a taxing speech toady, oh, not literally a tax speech, well you know what I mean and of course there is the reception in the Temple of Music tomorrow afternoon.” His bushy gray eyebrows furl at the thought of another long night of policy making, taking more time away from his beloved Ida.

William McKinley exits the room through a gauntlet of extended arms. No hand goes un-shook, no one goes away disappointed.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #136

page 124

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