ON the JOB Puns #39 – WIF Wit and Humor

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ON the JOB Puns

Bank robbery is a safe job.

The ditch-digger didn’t just quit, he yelled, ‘Take this job and shovel it!’

Why did the lumberjack lose his job? He axed too many questions.

Paratroopers pull strings to stay on the job.

I applied for a job as a weatherman, but my knowledge of meteorology was a little cloudy.

I lost my job at the quarry, I guess you could say I’ve hit rock bottom.

Taxidermy is a job for stuffy people.

I got a job in the transmission shop. It’s shift work.

Whoever served up the wine at that banquet did a pour job

The girl quit her job at the doughnut factory because she was fed up with the hole business.

Since I’ve taken the job in The Everglades I’ve been swamped!

My cartography job is really going to put me on the map.

ON the JOB Puns #39 –

WIF Wit and Humor

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