Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #204

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #204

…My next movie is titled, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, and I’m sure Rebecca will need older sister…

The biggest names in silent films answer the call on the homefront, taking time out of their busy schedules to contribute to bolster moral.

  Innovative and controversial director D.W. Griffith delivers immensely popular Mary Pickford, known to many as, The Poor Little Rich Girl, who is between that film and the next. It is at her New York appearance that Judith Eastman greets and meets the young heroine of celluloid fame.

The woman of 24 years has a girlish quality about her, as real in person as on the silver screen. Judith harkens back to the day when she was young, when there weren’t laugh lines or crows feet on her supple skin, 30 years whence. “Please excuse me, Miss Pickford, but may I say that you look the same in person… as you do in the movies I mean.”

  “My career will be over when the studios cannot fashion me into a girl of sixteen,” the star speculates, twirling her ringlet curls with one hand, holding a cigarette in the other. That visual image of adulthood is as out of place as can be. The next thing you know, the Pope will be running a house of ill-repute. “And if I don’t stop smoking, makeup will have to paint my teeth white.”

“To what do you credit the popularity of the movies, Miss Pickford?”

“It’s Mary to you honey.”

“If you insist… Mary, but you must excuse me for viewing you as a fictional character, even legendary.”

 “I think that’s your answer, Judith. Motion pictures allow the actors to be places and do things that are not real,” Mary describes. “Now, you are real and I bet you would be surprised to know that I am a huge devotee of your magazine, your articles, and the pictures of course, have been a big part of my schooling. I learned more from you than any of the tutors I’ve had since I was five.

  “And I’ve always wondered what you look like. You could be in pictures. You are a beautiful woman, it’s a shame you’ve spent all your time behind a camera instead of in front of one.”

“You are too kind Mary. Thank you for liking our magazine and if you ever need a mother in one of your movies, I live in Rochester, New York State.”

“Don’t laugh, that can be arranged. My next movie is titled, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, and I’m sure Rebecca has an older sister. You look too young to be my mother.”

“I won’t be holding my breath.” She does not take the girl seriously.

“Can my manager use your camera? Yes? Why don’t we stand over by that fence, next to that lilac? Okay, we’re ready, Sam. Big smile!”

Hey, Hollywood, here comes Judy E.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #204

page 191

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