Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #231

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #231

…“Has the entire world gone mad?” There is no stopping this Renaissance caveman…

World Gone Mad

“Someone is going to pay for this… that Paul broad, yeah, I’ll walk her to the station if I have to!”

So he bravely enters the rotunda, but this time he is recognized and they do not allow him to pass. The guards, already in place at the state run institution, are merely listening to Alice Paul, nary viewing her as any threat to society, leaving her to complete her forum. But not Sam Schuster, damn it; she is embarrassing him at every turn and he is out his police car! He has to walk back to the TPD station, to retrieve backup, to capture that evil riotous creature that is polluting the minds of previously content women of his city.

Besides being out of breath when he gets there, he receives little support when does. ‘We have to go home in an hour and we want to sleep in our own beds,’ is what he hears from his younger, married charges. There is but one single man on duty, and guess what–his girlfriend is at the rally, ‘I am ‘bout ready to ask that girl to marry me and you want me to arrest aSuffrage Part One-001 woman like Alice Paul. Jeez, she is a national celebrity.’

“Has the entire world gone mad?” There is no stopping this Renaissance caveman. “I’ll put all of you on report for insubordination,” he says, as he grabs the only available police car to return to the capitol rotunda, where he finds his suspect glad handing her supporters. “You are under arrest for,” he lists, “inciting a riot, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, assaulting an officer of the law, violating the public meeting law, and causing the property of the city of Tallahassee to be stolen.” The last of his “charges” sum up their validity, but he follows through with the seizure regardless.

Alice Paul spends all of an hour behind bars, with bail raised by no less than 50 women and even a handful of men who come forward at the urging of their spouses.

Courtroom by susansartgallery

“Your honor, I would ask the court to dismiss the charges against my client,” pleads attorney Ferrell on behalf of the 34 year old woman seated beside him, having returned to Florida to face the court. “No crime has been committed, with the possible exception of upsetting the apple cart.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Something Upset the Applecart from Wayne Huebner

Episode #231

page 216

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