Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #246

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #246

…What were you thinking!? We were going to rough her up a little, remember…


What were you thinking!?” screams a frantic Charles Wilson. By now the alcohol is starting to wear off and his focus is returning and he definitely does not like what he sees. Princess Olla Laura Bell is clinging to life after suffering numerous wounds, none of which were supposed to happen. “We were going to rough her up a little, remember? But noooo… you had to use that damned knife of yours!”

“She kicked me in the family jewels, Charlie, what was I supposed to do?” responds one of the four rich kids who find themselves way over their heads in mischief.

“Ha! If you have balls, why did you have to wait until now to show ‘em.?”

“Shouldn’t we drop her off at the hospital? She doesn’t look too hot.”kick-me

“Sure, stupid, and why don’t we hang a sign on our backs – WE DID IT. Just keep cleaning her up.” Wilson is in damage control mode. “You missed a spot on the back of her neck.”

“I didn’t miss it, asshole, it keeps coming back, won’t stop!”

“Shit! We’re going to have to think fast.” James Ferrell’s theory was right. Wilson wasn’t stupid, though he possesses one whale of a hangover. “I know, there is an alley behind that nigger doctor’s house. Throw her in the car; we’re going to dump her off there. That’s as close to a hospital as we can get. Then we can pretend like none of this crappy nightmare happened.”

Alpha Omega M.D.

The Family Jewels by Valerie Vescovi

Episode #246

page 231

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