Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #258

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #258

…You know, I’ve heard there are cannibals in New Zealand, just waiting for a couple of softies like us, no doubt…

New Zealand

Cannibal Camp New Zealand

“We will be back in time for Christmas, I promise,” reassures author Carolyn to her reluctantly would-be travel companion. “Since when have you become a homebody?”

“Why can’t we just fly to Hawaii and fly back?” Sara Fenwick is trying her best to convince Lyn to make a short trip. If they were to fly the Pacific Clipper, they are not scheduled back to San Francisco until December 14, 1941.

“Sara, we haven’t had a holiday for years and what a great excuse to escape these endlessly cloudy days. I1937 CC P.I.-001 have heard that the South Pacific is marvelous this time of year.” She is doing her best to sell an ambitious trip, much of it over open seas, but one that few people have the opportunity to experience. It would be a valuable tool in the growth of Constance Caraway, Private Eye. She will be going to Hawaii as an agent for the government, to investigate possible espionage by certain military personnel stationed on the island of Oahu. “Don’t you remember what a hoot of a time Mary Pickford and Judith Eastman had? Their trip to Hong Kong took ten years off old Judith. In fact, if she had not broken her hip last month, she would be coming with us.”

“If it adds ten years to my age, you will rue the day!.” She is being worn down, slowly but surely. “You know, I’ve heard there are cannibals in New Zealand, just waiting for a couple of softies like us, no doubt.”

“The Pacific Clipper has a crew of eleven big, strong men, Sara.”

“Well, that is the clincher for me. Eleven muscular fly boys.” Men do have their uses. Benign chivalry is one of them.

After 2410 miles from San Francisco to the Islands (Hawaiian) and then many more miles and islands later…

“I don’t think I will ever tire of the true blueness of Pacific water,” proclaims Carolyn Hanes as they rise Fanny-001into the air, once again, leaving Pago Pago Samoa. They are New Zealand bound; 1726.169 measly nautical miles and then the “turnaround”, in flying terms.

For her part, Sara Fenwick may never look at a glass half-full again. She will be happy when this is over.

“Look, Sara, a humpback!” Lyn has become an expert on whale species. A whale is a whale is a whale to Sara, certainly dissimilar to Constance Caraway’s right hand gal, with an eye for a good picture, Fanny Renwick.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Pan Am Clipper2

Episode #258

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