Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #279

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #279

… In a weak moment, Sgt. Smith slips, “Some strange things going on around here these days.”…

Starry Nite by Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Nite by Vincent Van Gogh

Safely on the ground and a little worse for the wear, Robert Ford, cargo plane owner and Carolyn Hanes, authoress are greeted by uniformed men — by the score. They are cordial, but seem to be distracted, like they had just seen a ghost.

“Can we inspect your plane?” One of many asks a question without inflection, giving it a HollomanAFBdemanding slant. “Standard procedure.” As if they would know the difference.

 “Yeah, I guess, but you won’t find anything,” Ford says as they are led to a large Quonset hut. He whispers to Lyn along the way, “Act as if we don’t see a thing.”

Before she can even so much as nod, there is a huge explosion, accompanied by a plume of smoke. The sound reaches them seconds later. “….one thousand six, one thousand seven,” Ford times the gap between sight and sound. “One hundred miles northeast… hmmm.”

“What did you say, Ford?” asks a nearby Air Force officer.

   “I was telling Miss Hanes that we covered the last hundred miles with ease. Must be the desert air?”

“Sargent. Smith will guide you from here.”

Without hesitation, the officer joins an armada of military vehicles racing off to the north and east. It is clear that they were not expecting the blast. Two helicopters are dispatched to the scene. They will be at the expected crater long before the ground vehicles.

In a weak moment, Sgt. Smith slips, “Some strange things going on around here these days.” Sometimes one can only shake one’s head. “Come this way.”

They have entered an infirmary type building and are shunted into an empty room – save a table, five chairs and two guards.

“Musical chairs is one of my favorite party games and I believe we need more people to play. How about you guys? ” Lyn is trying to ease the mounting tension. The guards will have nothing of it.

Smith directs them to the two chairs facing the other three, with four feet between them. “Before we begin, I need to warn you that this woman may not have anything to say. She pops in and out of reality. It affects the way she communicates. One minute she seems perfectly normal, totally out of it internal_organsthe next. We have had our best psychological people examine her. The only thing they agree on is that she is missing more than her memory.”

“Missing what?” Lyn wonders.

“One kidney and part of her frontal lobe,” contributes the newest addition to the room. He is dressed mostly in white, distinguishing himself from anyone else they have seen. “With no signs of surgery, I might add. I have heard of people being born with one kidney, but the human brain mass never deviates from its shape… content maybe, but not shape.”

“And you are… who?” Lyn is losing her patience. “We have flown across country, at your invitation and all we are getting are silver streaks, explosions and what seems to be a military runaround.”

“Excuse my oversight, folks, but this case has me baffled.”

Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #279

page 260

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