Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #291

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #291

… For someone who sports a Hicksville personae, the rancher who had a spaceship drop onto his land, actually has organized his collection in a logical way…


Llano Estacado Briscoe County – Tule Canyon TX

10,000 acres covers a lot of ground and Newt’s “Fer Piece” is all that and ten miles more. About half way to San Angelo, a solitary butte rises out of the parched earth.

Llano Estacado is the northeast marker of my spread.”

“I thought I saw a band of Comanche back there.” Lyn has never seen so much nothing.

“Apaches, maybe, not Comanche, they’re up north, but all the injuns is up at Twin Buttes reservation, ‘bout a day’s ride from here.”

“This will do just fine, Newt.” Lyn takes off her hat, which has spared her face the forces of a midday sun, and fluffs her skirt. She spits the dust from her bone-dry mouth.

  “Hey, Bart, give the lady a canteen, can’t you see she’s parched!”

Once the horses were lashed to a batch of mesquite bushes, the quartet of long-riders skirts the base of the huge rock rising hundreds of feet straight up. Invisible from anywhere but a few feet away, they are Image result for hicksvilleled through a narrow slit in the small, flat-topped mountain. Bart strikes a match, applying its tiny glow to a ring of torches, revealing Newt Swakhammer’s secret treasure.

For someone who sports a Hicksville personae, the rancher who had a spaceship drop onto his land, actually has organized his collection in a logical way. Like items are gathered together. “I tried to fill my truck with one of everythin’, sepptin’ the little guys.”

“You did well, Newt, though I suspect the government might frown on your actions. But I would suggest that some of this should be examined by scientists. I think I know someone who will be able to help.”

“I don’t know you well, Mr. Ford, but I am a trustin’ you and Miss Lyn is who you say you is. And if you say this stuff should be looked at, then it will, by golly.”

“Great Lyn, if you can stay here with Newt, Bart and I will ride back and get the Cub? West Texas seems to be one big airstrip!”Conspiracy in the Cactus-001

          “Remind you of anything, Bob Ford? You live for these adventures.”

Not unlike his partner, the one of them that takes adventure, real or invented, and applies them to the printed page; arrange and rearrange words, make and remake life experiences until they tell an interesting story.

          When they finally take off, in the waning light of an enormous day, they leave behind a story that may take decades to unravel. Will man ever come face to face with the builders of that unfathomable ship of space? Questions will always outnumber answers, yet even if we knew more, would we like what we hear?

Alpha Omega M.D.

My Project 20-001

Episode #291

page 274

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