Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #295

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #295

…Your biggest misunderstanding is believing Bob Ford has anything to do with bringing drugs into the United States. He is a true hero…

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“I came to Miami to see Robert Ford, not to have my book reviewed,” explains Carolyn Hanes.

          “Yes, he is here and just as talkative as you. It seems he doesn’t know how the cocaine got onto his airplane.”

          “Cocaine? He wouldn’t know what cocaine was if came up and bit his behind.”

          “Would Constance Caraway know?”

          “Yes. In book four, she tracks down a corrupt cop. Cocaine is a byproduct of the cocoa plant, grown chiefly in South American countries.”

          “You know quite a lot about this illegal drug.”

          “I do my research.”

Long way-001

“How did you research the debris from the spaceship crash? I don’t recall many of those, you?”

“That’s what fiction is. Made up, you know imagination. You probably don’t have one.”

“Oh come on now, you don’t need to verbally assault me. I am just trying to clear up a series of misunderstandings.”

Your biggest misunderstanding is believing Bob Ford has anything to do with bringing drugs into the United States. He is a true hero, with no motivation to do something stupid.”

“You’re right. That only happens when you two are together. Just how long did you think it would be before we found out about you and Ford taking pieces of a government weather balloon to Weather on marsunsuspecting scientists for examination? They have their standards, you know.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, I don’t have a corner on that market.”

  “What is the weather like on your planet?”

“Funny girl!” He is getting nowhere. The whole object of this sting operation was to rattle the duo into keeping Roswell a government secret… silly boy. “You will find Ace Bannion tabooupstairs, waiting patiently for his precious Constance.”

“Were you born this way or did you have an accident?”

“In a war of words, I am defenseless?” He extends his hand. “How is your friend, Sara?”

“She isn’t the same, but awfully lucky she got off that spaceship.”

Subject: Taboo. End of discussion.

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“What did you do to get me off the hook?” Bob Ford thought his goose was cooked. Instead, he goes from the frying pan to the royal treatment.

“It appears that a little knowledge goes a long way.” Lyn winks at her partner. “They just wanted to scare us.”


          “No. You?

          “Just a little.”

“Cocaine? Next thing you know, Shirley Temple is going to be arrested for being a prostitute and I am a Chiang Kai-shek sympathizer.”

“You do look good in red.”

“What’s going on in this world, another war, and in Korea of all places? This whole obsession with Communism makes me ill. I guess the word “trust” is just another noun.”

“Is the word “fly” a verb?”

“Yes it is. Let’s make Miami a bad memory.”

Alpha Omega M.D.

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Emerico Toth ~ Lady in Red

Episode #295

page 277

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