Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #308

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #308

…As soon as the nosey attorney’s car is down the street, Clavitt heads straight for LBMH, to rectify two small details concerning this case…

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All Mixed Up by Donna Bentley

“What do you mean you’re suing the doctor because his daughter can’t have children?” Campbell Attorney Sinclair Clavitt, an associate of R. Worth Moore, reacts to his first conversation with the attorney representing the Sanders family. Missy Sanders was a patient of Doc Campbell two years ago. “There is no record of your client being a patient of A.O. Campbell and all the way from Jacksonville you say… please? You insult my intelligence, sir.”

“She is married now and her obstetrician claims that she had an abortion and that whoever did it appointment-book2damaged one of her Fallopian tubes. The odds of her conceiving a child is so slim that her doctor says any baby would be a miracle baby.”

  “I am truly sorry for the girl, but my client has no record of a Missy Hart as a patient.”

  “Missy Sanders.”

He is corrected. “Yes, that’s who I meant, Missy Sanders.” Clavitt is beginning to secretly panic. Campbell is getting his patients confused, thereby confusing his legal counsel, which is not a good thing. “I’ll give you some advice; tell the Sanders’ that they are wasting their time and yours.”

“I’m about to get a warrant to see Doctor Campbell’s appointment book from 1952.”

“We have nothing to hide. Good day.” It is an abrupt separation.

As soon as the antagonist’s car is down the street, Clavitt heads straight for LBMH, to rectify two small details concerning this case. He had previously supervised the erasure of the wrong patient in the wrong year.

After breaking every speed limit by more than ten miles per hour, he explodes into the lobby of Campbell’s clinic. “It wasn’t Milicent Hart, A.O., it was Missy Sanders!”

“I get those young girls mixed up, don’t like knowin’ their names — can’t remember their faces.”

“That’s all fine, but if we don’t erase the Sanders name from your appointment book, you can bet that a very angry grand-childless father will cause you to lose you medical license, maybe worse.”

Alpha Omega M.D.


Episode #308

page 290

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