THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 27

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THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 27

Too many questions and so little time…


Roy Crippen halts his advance when he is close enough to catch a glimpse of poor Philip Jansky’s former display. It is not for him to know what is or what is not supposed to be up there, but icons & etchings depicting the precise location and path of every piece of galactic wanderer {larger than a baseball} in the Mars parsec, is the responsibility of this man.

“How are things… Mister Gurk__,” he extends his hand. “Director Roy here.”

Soviet Cosmodrome Dhangotma stands to respond, but could use a step ladder in order to complete the exchange of palms. His English is fractured, like many World Space Consortium techs, but this one makes little effort to excel. His answers to questions are choppy and incomplete, but Roy manages to get a thumbs-up, with a couple of references to his involvement in the Russian Spaceflight program at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the former Kazakhstan.

international-space-stationAstronaut Crippen had spent some time at the former Soviet Union’s Cosmodrome in the past, as did every traveler to the International Space Station. Did he mention the shortsighted senseless budget cuts imposed by the “myopically socialist President of the USA from 2008-2015 that put in that fix”? No. Those are Roy’s words uttered freely, in a free society, free of oppression, clear of any retribution…probably, though he encrypts all outgoing and incoming Soyuzcommunications with his phone.

Back to the Soyuz experience where Roy seems to recall that fluent English was an uncompromising requirement for program participation. Then why does this Katmandu Tomcat speak the requisite tongue as if he just crawled out of his Himalayan Hut?

Too many questions and so little time. His inspection tour is snipped by Braden King background chatter, which by now is nearly nonstop. It seems things are actually ahead of schedule, a welcome change Image result for drag racing lightsfrom recent events. The Tycho driver is metaphorically honking his horn anxious to get going.tycho-001

Sam McKinney looks like a drag racer; his pride-and-joy muscle car poised and seated next to him, his best girl. Together they are ready to go down and press som

“Are you guys ready to go,” asks Roy Crippen?

“Turn us loose,” the McKinneys answer as one voice.

The hanger-bay doors of Space Colony 1 slowly widen, exposing a view shared by both Tycho and its distant earthbound counterparts; wide eyes, motivated spirits, and hopeful hearts.




Episode 27

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